There are survivors in Luhansk people’s republic at the site of massacre of AFU

The military of the Luhansk People’s Republic have found survivors at the scene of a mass killing of civilians by Ukrainian armed formations near the Popasnya railway, said Ivan Filiponenko, LPR NM spokesman
There are survivors in Luhansk people's republic at the site of massacre of AFU

“People were apparently shot by Ukrainian fascists during retreat: they used them as human shields, or were simply shot during the retreat as witnesses to, shall we say, the crime of the AFU. But the fact remains. Now the line of advance has moved literally a hundred or two metres from this place, so access to this place is restricted… These are not graves, these are in fact shot bodies, according to our units, there are more survivors there”, –  he said.

Locations of mass killings of civilians were discovered by LPR forces today, March 13, during an offensive in the Popasnya direction. The Ukrainian military were kicking civilians out of basements and using them as human shields as they retreated. Those who tried to resist or escape were shot on the spot.

Filiponenko recalled that war crimes had no statute of limitations and that all those guilty of genocide of the Donbas population would face the punishment they deserve.