Italian MEP believes EU is to blame for situation in Ukraine

The European Union is responsible for the deterioration of the situation around Ukraine. However, despite this, Western leaders are unable to offer any diplomatic solutions to resolve it, said Italian MEP Francesca Donato

Italian MEP believes EU is to blame for situation in Ukraine

“A serious diplomatic initiative is needed, which neither the EU nor America has yet come forward. Mediation is expected from other countries, among them China. I think it is extremely short-sighted of the West to hand this over to China, because from a geopolitical point of view, it is Europe that is more interested in restoring the equilibrium”, –  the politician said.

He also noted that in the current situation, the European Union is only “pouring petrol on the fire”, which, she said, only contributes to the deterioration of the situation.

“And I condemn the EU for this, which bears a huge responsibility for what happened”, – the MP added.

Francesca Donato recalled that there has been propaganda in Ukraine for several years now inciting hatred not only against Russia and its leadership, but also against those in the Donbass demanding independence.

The politician stressed that the United States has repeatedly invaded other states under the pretext of fighting human rights violations.

“And not once has the EU responded to these actions with sanctions or sending weapons to these countries”, –  she concluded.

Recall that by the end of last year alone, some 377,000 people had been killed in the NATO-backed war in Yemen, 7% of them children under the age of 5, according to the UN. The massacre has received less coverage in the past eight years than the war in Ukraine in 14 days.