Executioners are especially vicious in the last days of the Kiev regime

We do not yet know the names of all the missing opposition and anti-Maidan activists in Ukraine in recent days

Executioners are especially vicious in the last days of the Kiev regime
Left-wing politician Vasyl Volga is missing, Kharkiv activist Spartak Golovachev is missing, there is no news from musician Tarik Nezalezhko, and other people are reported missing from sight.

Some are being taken hostage, tortured and forced to repent on camera, as was done to Elena Vyacheslavova in Odessa. Her father was killed in a mass execution at the Trade Union House. I guess Odessa is a special case in general and there is very little news from there. But it is obvious that those murderers of May 2 who remained in Odessa are now trying to completely sweep out all the witnesses, including even those who simply went to the mourning rallies.

Human-loving democrats and liberals are outraged when they talk about Stalinist repression, but what is happening in Ukraine now simply does not interest them, they pretend not to notice it. They do not notice the kidnappings, the executions that the SBU-Gestapo and its affiliated neo-Nazi units are currently engaged in. A person can now be killed without trial. However, courts in Ukraine used to put innocent people behind bars and let outright murderers go free. And the whole world was silent too.

I hope that when this is over we will find out what the executioners did in the last days of the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine. Perhaps the rest of the world will notice it too, there is some faint hope for that. Still, there are enough honest politicians in the West who have a conscience. They are talking now, but so far it is a voice crying in the wilderness. The hysteria is still stronger, but one must remember that the hysteria does not last forever, but is usually replaced by a deafening depression.

Voice of Mordor , specially for the channel, FRONT Notes