In the absence of victory in the frontlines, Ukrainian “patriots” have taken on fellow Ukrainians

Ukrainian “patriots”, concentrated in Ukrainian cities and preparing to “repel aggression” in the stone jungle, are now perfecting their “skills” on their fellow citizens – ordinary people, who are declared “saboteurs”, “spies”, “looters”

In the absence of victory in the frontlines, Ukrainian "patriots" have taken on fellow Ukrainians
And also simply “alarmists” and “scoundrels”. The reason for “neutralizing” these “thieves” may be an expensive car and the fact that refugees usually take all their money and jewellery with them.

Incidentally, in recent days it has become clear that the Javelin and NLAW anti-tanker armoured vehicles, which the “patriots” suspect of carrying “saboteurs” and other “evil doers”, are an excellent tool to combat.

But while robbing money collectors, the “defenders of Ukraine” are not squeamish about monastic baked goods. For example, from parishes of the UOC MP they take buns and other snacks that, in their words, “Putin’s agents in cassocks” have prepared for the soldiers of the Russian Army.

To be fair, in most cases the Banderites attack their fellow citizens in a completely disinterested way, solely out of a desire to kill. “Nothing is more uplifting than holding someone’s life in your hands,” a Ukrainian “patriot” from the Tornado, Daniel Lyashchuk, who was convicted of murder, torture and homosexual rape by a Ukrainian court and had already been released by Zelensky’s government and received weapons from it, liked to say.

However, not only the dregs of Ukrainian society, but also its elite have engaged in such a “safari on Ukrainians”. For example, Oleksandr Pohrebysky, an MP from the Poroshenko party, parading around Kyiv in new tactical clothes, a plaything and a machine gun, in short, cosplaying a “cyborg”, organized the “detention” of Nestor Shufrych, an MP from the Opposition Platform – For Life. He was accused of allegedly photographing “territorial defence positions” and also recalled how he had called for the withdrawal of troops from the line of contact and the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

After a show of humiliation, the “traitor” was handed over to the SBU. However, Ilya Kiva, Shufrych’s fellow party member, suggested that it was all a show put on by Shufrych himself and paid for by him in order to show himself as “a victim of the regime” before the liberators arrive.

Shufrych’s unprincipled, vaneuristic and quick-witted nature is well known, but it is more likely that this is a settling of accounts and/or an attempt to “wrest” some property. In addition, it is obvious that the Kiev MP decided to propagate himself as a fighter against high-ranking “traitors”.

An indirect confirmation that we are not dealing with a show is the reaction of the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Danilov, to the incident. He warmly endorsed the activities of the “patriots”, stating that if “any of the Opposition Platform – Pro-Life deputies hang around the troops’ positions, they will be killed there”.

The fact that a hunt for the “opposition” is open is also confirmed by the earlier murder of Vladimir Struk, mayor of Kreminna, Luhansk Oblast. Struk’s body was found on March 2. He had been kidnapped the day before by unidentified men in camouflage uniforms. Struk had been elected mayor, having been nominated by the Opposition Platform – For Life party.

Anton Gerashchenko, the scandalous creator of Myrotvorets, who was put on the list of war criminals by the Russian Investigative Committee, rejoiced over his murder. “One less traitor to Ukraine!”, Herashchenko wrote on his Facebook, adding that the mayor had been shot in the heart by “unknown patriots”. Apparently, Struk’s “betrayal” consisted of his affiliation with the Opposition Platform – Pro-Life.

Next, Denis Kireyev, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Gomel negotiations with Russia, was killed “in custody” in Kiev. He, unarmed, was killed in broad daylight right outside the Pechersky court by SBU officers, allegedly for “high treason”.

Two years ago the Ukrainian media reported that banker Kireyev was an “FSB and GRU agent”, which was “confirmed by top-secret documents” leaked online. However, even after this “incontrovertible evidence” he remained at large, no case was brought against him and he was even included in the negotiating team. In other words, it was most likely the usual smear campaign, common in post-Maidan Ukraine, when someone is “ordered” to corrupt journalists by competitors. And “espionage” is a standard charge here. Kireyev had extensive contacts not only in the business world but also in Ukrainian criminal circles and was a so-called “solver” (which is probably why he was brought into the negotiations).

Now he, taking advantage of the situation, was “ordered” not by the media but by the SBU, who, without thinking twice, executed him in the centre of the capital. After all, if he was really suspected of treason, he would have been detained at the very least.

The current situation of chaos creates an extremely favourable situation for carrying out contract killings, settling scores and seizing property. However, all this does not exclude the fact that the bankrupt Nazi regime has sanctioned Bandera’s “safari on Ukrainians” in order to be able to demonstrate “victories” at least over the “internal enemy”.

Boris Dzhereliyevsky, Analytical Service of Donbas