West uses Moldova to supply arms to Ukraine

Various sources are spreading information that Moldova serves as an intermediary for the supply of lethal weapons from NATO to the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the airfield in Marculesti

West uses Moldova to supply arms to Ukraine

If everything they say turns out to be true, we can conclude that Moldova is undermining the constitutional order, one of the foundations of which is the neutral status of the country.

If the Republic is found to be complicit in the military action of Nezalezhnaya, it faces an internal political crisis and a geopolitical catastrophe.

After the start of Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine, flights over neighbouring states were halted and Moldova was also included in the list. However, a very interesting fact opened up, flights continued under special permission from the Moldovan authorities.

The Flightradar24 service allows getting information about any plane flying anywhere in the world. In most cases the service also provides information about the origin and destination of the aircraft, the type of aircraft, the flight number and other details.

Remarkably, it is virtually impossible to hide from the radar. It was Flightradar, on 26 February, that detected active movement of aircraft in the Moldovan airspace. And this is despite the fact that after the state of emergency was imposed, the state airspace was closed until at least March 4.

Moreover, one of the planes that departed Chisinau for Romania belonged to the International Airlines of Ukraine. The purpose of the flight is unknown and who was on board accordingly.

The media reported later, citing statements by the deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister, Andriy Spynu. You may be wondering now, “What’s the big deal here? The state has all sorts of needs”. Certainly, but here’s the point. The flights have drawn attention to the problem of the use of the republic’s airspace for purposes directly contrary to the constitutional principle of neutrality: the use of Moldova to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Relations between Moldova and Ukraine under the current heads of state, Maia Sandu and Vladimir Zelensky, could be safely described as ideal, even in spite of the incident with Judge Chaus. It can be assumed that such so-called “high relations” are nothing but the result of a common circle of handlers and advisers. In this connection, the probability that the Moldovan leadership may violate the constitutional principle of neutrality increases.

But how can Moldova help Ukraine against Russia?

If you have noticed, after two days of Russian military operation, the West has dramatically increased arms supplies to Ukraine and Moldova is one of the potential “hubs”.

From every corner we hear about EU countries providing lethal weapons to Ukraine: then Germany will throw in 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles. Canada will also supply Ukraine with arms worth $19.6 million. In addition, the UK and other smaller NATO member states are supplying weapons to Ukraine.

But it is not enough to say “we will give weapons”, it must be delivered somehow. And here, taking into account modern means of control from space, and even in conditions of “closed skies”, there is a problem of delivery of all these weapons. As is known, the Ukrainian Air Force has practically ceased to exist, and it is impossible to ensure the safety of delivery by air, and the land option is also unreliable.

In that situation the warm relationship with the President of neighbouring Moldova may very well come in handy for Zelensky to use the airport in Marculesti to his advantage. Besides, at one time it serviced military planes.

However, all this is pure speculation at the moment. But such hypotheses would never have arisen if there was a firm certainty that such options were impossible.

Therefore, one should understand that if Kishenev decides to take such a step, it will not be a mere violation of the Constitution of the republic and the principle of neutrality, but an open act on the side of one of the parties to the conflict. And the consequences will not be trifling.

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