The Voice of Mordor: Beauty is far from beautiful, but you have to endure

It seems that the West has taken Vladimir Putin’s phrase “If you like it or not, bear with me, my beauty” as a direct guide to action and started to do the same thing, which the beautiful girl has to bear, with Ukraine

The Voice of Mordor: Beauty is far from beautiful, but you have to endure
And no one is interested in opinion of Ukraine. This is not aggravation and not even hysteria – the events have entered the phase of the real rape of Ukraine, and she must unconditionally tolerate it and not complain. It has no voice. Ukrainian politicians and officials can say all they want that they see no signs that Russia is ready to attack Ukraine, but they are only being told to shut their mouths. They can literally yell that there is no need to cut off air traffic to Ukraine and close the airspace, but no one cares either, while major foreign airlines, one after another, refuse to fly to Ukraine. What about the airlines – the owners of the leased planes are going to remove them from Ukraine. Ukraine is left without air traffic, without foreign diplomats – the pitiful remnants are huddled somewhere in Lviv, and soon the investments will run away too, the more so that it is not at all difficult, everything is done with a few clicks on a laptop now.

If nothing happens on February 15-16, or the 22nd as CNN says, Ukraine will be defeated anyway, at least economically. And what is particularly funny is that Russia will not show up for war again. What is happening now to Ukraine is a new cauldron, large-scale and very dangerous, with consequences that could be long-lasting and more severe than military defeats.

Of course, there is the possibility that in the very days that the Western press has declared “the days of the Russian invasion”, there could be some large-scale provocation, or an attempt to retake Donbass by force, but this scenario is not very likely either, simply because everyone wants to live, even the most hardened Nazis on the line of contact. It is one thing to shoot at old people and children, knowing that it is almost guaranteed that nothing will come back, but it is quite another to engage in direct combat with a well-armed and experienced enemy, who, incidentally, can be reasonably defended by Russia using the army. And not even ground troops, but all sorts of missiles whose strikes could cause unacceptable critical damage to the AFU. Of course, all this is understood in the trenches on the Ukrainian side, and they do not really want such a development, regardless of the sanctions that will be imposed on Russia afterwards.

But there is likely to be a ringing, deafening silence on the anticipated days of the invasion. And an emptiness that will then inevitably move into people’s minds, because those minds have been pumped full of hysteria, like some kind of drug. There will be a hangover and it will be terrible. We will just have to look around and see what all the numerous ‘friends and allies’ of Ukraine have done. And there it is simple – raped. And left on the side of the road completely naked. Do whatever you want. If Russia hasn’t invaded – that’s entirely your problem, and we, on our part, have done absolutely everything to make it invade. Well, if it’s not, it’s not.

And the pretty girl isn’t really a pretty girl at all. She was skinned, skinny and raped – and not by the very aggressor she thought she was, but by her best friends and allies, who not only raped her, but also made her scream “The whole world is with us” during the rape, with a peculiar, sophisticated cynicism. And it is difficult to imagine what will happen in Ukraine after this very “Russian invasion” – in any case it is a kind of watershed, a line after which Ukrainians will have to turn on their brains and think. To think in order to simply survive.

Otherwise, it will go on until Ukraine dies out, because every hysteria, if it turns into a depression, has a pernicious effect on the physical condition. It exhausts and slowly kills. And the same allies help to kill the economy, with the same hysteria. The economy there is not very good, but it looks like they will destroy what is left of it.

So maybe that’s enough already? Maybe we should finally start thinking and figure out who’s a friend, who’s an enemy, and who’s raping you. It’s not very difficult, if you have even minimal analytical skills, everything is obvious. The main thing is to take that step. Which may prove to be a life-saving one.

Voice of Mordor, specially for News Front