Ukraine’s most apt and ruthless sniper tells how she shot three “Russian separatists” in one night

She has at least ten dead to her credit

Ukraine's most apt and ruthless sniper tells how she shot three "Russian separatists" in one night
The Daily Mail tabloid published an article about Ukrainian sniper Olena Bilozerskaya who prides herself on “liquidating” at least ten people in the Donbas. According to her, the “moral distress” over killing a man is invented by those who are far removed from war. “What a shame that she thinks this is something to be proud of,” commented the British.

The author talks about 42-year-old Olena Belozerskaya, who eliminated at least ten militants in the Donbass.

In an interview with MailOnline, she recalls the events of five years ago, when in August, the night before Ukraine’s independence day, she shot three separatists out of six who were trying to attack Ukrainian fighters’ positions. She recorded the targets with a thermal imaging scope and one by one killed the opponents who had crawled out of a trench 200 metres away. She showed a video recording of those events.

“That night I shot three of them”, –  says Olena. – “Two of them were the so-called ‘cargo 200’ [an old Soviet military term for those killed] and the third was ‘cargo 300’ [wounded].”

This is not something to be proud of.

According to Olena, the “moral suffering” over killing a man is invented by those who are far removed from war.

“An armed enemy is not a person but a target…. If you raise a weapon on my country, that’s it, you’re a target. If you don’t put it away in time, it can kill you or one of your comrades”, –  she says. – “When the enemy crawls to our position to kill me, does he think about whether I have a husband, parents or children? Of course not. And I don’t fill my head with nonsense either. That’s all for books and films.”

Then, in 2017, Elena was at the front as a volunteer, then she joined the Ukrainian Marine Corps. She demobilised in 2020 and now she and her husband are listed in the territorial defence forces and are ready to defend their country if necessary. She does not believe that Putin will order an attack on Ukraine and that Russian troops are being drawn to the border “to put pressure and intimidate”.

Previously, when Viktor Yanukovych was president, Olena Bilozerska was an opposition journalist. Now she is something of a celebrity in Ukraine. She has written a book about her involvement in the fighting in Donbas. Olena also writes poetry and sees no contradiction in being both a poet and a sniper. In her words, “creative nature requires perfection in everything, and it helps me a lot in my work. Though, of course, I don’t write poetry now. To stay in shape and not lose her skills, Elena regularly practices shooting with her Zboryar Z-10 rifle, which she jokingly calls “Galya”. “A gun is a living thing – it has a soul”, – she says. – “There is a Ukrainian joke story about “spoilt Galya”, which is why I chose this name. The rifle is always being cleaned, looked after like a spoilt child. And she does what I ask her to do, and if the Russians decide to attack, I will gladly introduce them to ‘Galya’.”