WSJ: Washington’s possible sanctions against Russia will affect exports, banks and sovereign debt

US sanctions against Russia, which Washington intends to impose in case of Moscow’s “invasion” of Ukraine, will affect state-owned banks, high-tech exports and sovereign debt operations, The Wall Street Journal has reported

WSJ: Washington's possible sanctions against Russia will affect exports, banks and sovereign debt

The paper’s sources said that the Russian VTB bank might be hit by the United States’ sanctions. It is also noted that the list of entities subject to sanctions is not final yet and may be amended. It is currently at the final stage of elaboration.

Experts have drawn attention to the fact that no measures against Russian energy companies, including the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, are among the possible restrictions. In addition, the list of possible sanctions does not include disconnection of Russia from the SWIFT system.

As previously reported, the European Central Bank has asked European banks represented in Russia for information on their readiness to cope with various scenarios, including disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, amid the escalating situation around Ukraine. According to the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, Moscow will not be disconnected from the international banking system because it is extremely disadvantageous for other countries.

Recently, foreign media have been massively circulating information that Moscow is allegedly preparing an “attack” on Ukraine. The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitriy Peskov, has repeatedly denied such allegations. The Kremlin spokesman stressed that Russia moves troops exclusively on its territory and does not threaten anyone.