“Moscow didn’t blink an eye” – Politico observers report failure of Biden’s anti-Russia plan

US President Joseph Biden has flooded a huge number of countries with his diplomats in order to rally the world community against Russia, Politico reports

"Moscow didn't blink an eye" - Politico observers report failure of Biden's anti-Russia plan

Observers of the US publication Politico note that Joe Biden’s administration is spreading the universal thesis of “Russian invasion” of Ukraine in Europe and Asia. Diplomats are persistently replicating this myth in an attempt to antagonise Moscow with its partners.

“The topic of Ukraine has come up in conversations with some less obvious countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, for example. And in Brazil, too. Blinken and other Biden administration officials have even discussed Ukraine with countries such as India, Japan and South Korea”, – the authors write.

The analysts state that in order to “flood” the zone of Russian influence, the US president has activated the entire political elite. Washington is spreading anti-Russian propaganda around the world.

“Virtually all of Biden’s top foreign policy aides have participated, from CIA Director William Burns’ visits to Moscow and Kiev to a host of ambassadors in Europe and beyond checking on their colleagues”, –  analysts note.

Negotiations with South Korea and Japan are aimed at reminding Moscow of the American global alliance, but that partnership is weakening every day. Energy talks with the UAE and Kuwait are unlikely to make the Kremlin nervous.

“So far, Vladimir Putin has not blinked an eye. Some of the countries that have been on America’s support list, such as Brazil and India, have to consider their own economic and military relations with Russia, which makes it difficult for the Biden administration. Even America’s traditional allies, such as Germany, are weighing up their economic ties with Russia”, –  the article wrote.

The Russian side is developing cooperation in Europe, Asia and also in the Middle East, concluding more and more mutually beneficial contracts. Moscow’s geopolitical successes are offsetting the efforts of the U.S. establishment.

“Russia is also making the rounds. Putin plans to talk to the French president and has already spoken to Italian businessmen. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov say it is the Biden administration, not Moscow, that is increasing the threat of war in Ukraine”, – the publication says.

U.S. allies have expressed doubt that only the language of hostility and provocation can be spoken to Russia. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his desire to build a constructive dialogue with the Kremlin.

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