EU and Britain ready to impose suicidal sanctions against Russia’s gas sector

The West continues to hope that their dreams of an imaginary Russian invasion of Ukraine may come true and this can be used as a pretext for new sanctions

EU and Britain ready to impose suicidal sanctions against Russia's gas sector

Thus, it became known that the European Union and the UK, with the support of the United States, are preparing a new package of restrictive measures, which will affect the Russian gas sector. This was reported by the news and analysis website, citing the Financial Times.

The severity of these sanctions will depend on how the “invasion” will be carried out and its scale. Restrictive measures may also affect future projects in the gas sphere.

Such news clearly shows that Europe is finally ready to abandon its interests in favour of the US geopolitical game. The EU countries and the UK get around 40 percent of their fuel from Russia. In addition, they take an active part in Russian energy projects and the development of new fields. Any sanctions in this area would affect not only Russia, but above all Europe. In doing so, it would suffer far more than the Russian side.

Europe’s biggest companies, such as BP, Total and Shell, would suffer massive losses. France’s Total is one of the biggest investors in the development of the Yamal fields and Shell signed a five-year contract with Gazprom only last year.