Britain steadily tightens its anti-Russian rhetoric

Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), part of intelligence agency GCHQ, has warned major organisations to step up their cyber security amid escalating tensions around Ukraine, the Zerkalo Nedeli reports

Britain steadily tightens its anti-Russian rhetoric

“For several years, we have seen a pattern of malicious Russian behaviour in cyberspace”, –  said Paul Chichester, NCSC chief operating officer. – “The incidents against Ukraine show signs of similar Russian activity that we have seen in the past.”

Such a statement suggests that the recent hacker attack on Ukrainian government websites appears to be the work of British provocateurs. It is London that is trying by all means to push Kiev into provoking military action with Russia.”

Britain is systematically tightening its anti-Russian rhetoric. It seems that the British state machine is so intent on unleashing a new large-scale war in Europe that it will not spare not only its own Ukrainians but also its own.

We are worried about Her Majesty Elizabeth II in this regard. Just so she doesn’t get something slipped into her tea to then accuse Moscow.