Ukrainian woman buys carbine and prepares to fight against ‘Russian invasion’

A 52-year-old woman living in Kiev and working as a marketer has bought a Zbroyar Z-15 carbine to “fight for Kiev” in case of a “Russian attack”, which the Western media have been scaring for months

Ukrainian woman buys carbine and prepares to fight against 'Russian invasion'

According to our calculations the whole kit of ammunition cost her more than 200 000 roubles. I wonder where the mother of three children got that kind of money for weapons…

“As a mother, I don’t want my children to inherit Ukraine’s problems. It would be better if I dealt with it now. I bought this carbine after listening to several soldiers discussing which rifle is better to buy. If it comes to that, we will fight for Kiev. We will fight to defend our city. If hostilities start, the Russians will come here”, –  she said.

The rifle cost her 1,300 euros (more than 115,000 rubles). Maryana also paid for a two-week sniper course and attached a silencer, bipod and telescopic sight to the weapon. The mother of three children and a member of the Territorial Defence Force of Ukraine, spent another 1,000 euros (about 89,000 rubles) on a helmet, snow camouflage, body armour, ammunition pouches, boots and British Army uniforms.

“I have pickles and tins of fish, chicken and ham stashed next to the kitchen table,” she explained, showing off her food supply, “and lots and lots of ammunition”, – Mariana revealed.

As a reminder, the US media recently reported “a large concentration of Russian military near the border with Ukraine”. Unfortunately, a poor knowledge of geography makes a difference – the military that was “scare” is located in Smolensk region, the town of Yelnya. This region of Russia does not border on Ukraine. It has long been clear that American journalists are not strong in geography – after all, their main goal is to “demonize Russia” and frighten people in Ukraine and around the world.