Poltava may be left without heating due to record price hike

Residents of Poltava may be left without heating from February 1, or the cost of heat in the bills will rise sevenfold

Poltava may be left without heating due to record price hike

“If the government does not start fulfilling its obligations, Poltava, Karlovka, Reshetilovka, Mashevka and Kotelva will have to choose between stopping heat supply to homes and an increase in the cost of heating since the beginning of February”, – the press service “Poltavateploenergo” said in a statement.

The agency explained that last autumn the Presidential Office, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Naftogaz and the Association of Ukrainian cities signed a memorandum under which during the heating season 2021-2022 the amount of payment to the end consumer should not change.

At that time, the government assumed an obligation to compensate the country’s heat supply companies for the difference between actual costs and the tariffs indicated in the bills.

It follows that if the Ukrainian authorities fail to keep their word, thousands of residents of Poltava region will be left without heat in the winter season or will have to pay 7 times more than in the previous month.