Indifferent stance: London refuses to support US sanctions against Russia

An economic meltdown will warn Britain against supporting US anti-Russian sanctions

Indifferent stance: London refuses to support US sanctions against Russia

The Times has quoted a senior British official as saying that there are serious concerns in London about the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Russia by the Western establishment. British politicians believe the new restrictions could force Moscow to limit gas supplies to the West, which would exacerbate the economic crisis in Europe.

“Unlike a number of countries, the UK imports almost no Russian gas. But, like all countries, we are exposed to the risk of rising wholesale prices, which will be a serious problem if Russia further restricts supplies”, –  The Times reported.

Russia will not resort to aggressive pressure on the European community by artificially restricting exports, but if new sanctions are imposed, supplies will be forced down. This situation demonstrates how the Western community has been destroying its economy year after year. Vasily Koltashov, head of the Centre for Political Economy Studies at the Institute for a New Society, shared this opinion.

“This could really lead to less gas being supplied from Russia. It will simply go to India, China, somewhere else. It will go by tankers to Southeast Asia”, –  the expert explains.

The exit of the Russian natural gas to Asia will bring a sharp increase in energy prices to the European energy market. In particular, the record gas price of USD 2,000 may take a hold in Europe and spell disaster for the economy.

“In this case, prices on the spot gas market will rise. They have already gone over two thousand dollars. That price was not held, but it was a warning price. The British ruling circles cannot but understand that such a price may also become permanent if, as the US president said, real sanctions are imposed “in response to Russia’s aggression””, – the expert stressed.

British politicians are aware of the price they will pay if they decide to facilitate Washington’s sanctions pressure on Moscow. Vasily Koltashov believes that London should withdraw its support for Ukraine in favour of preserving Russian gas exports to Europe.

“The British’ concern means that they will be indifferent to any actions by Russia as long as there are no irregularities in the gas market, which would lead to a murderous situation for the British economy. The rest of their concern is purely symbolic and will be limited to high-profile diplomatic statements. Even if from the point of view of the West there is “Russian aggression” in response to the actions of Ukrainian troops, London will not care about it”, –  sums up the expert.

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