Howitzer embargo: Germany has irrevocably blocked arms supplies to Ukraine

Germany stands firm on its refusal to supply arms to Ukraine

Howitzer embargo: Germany has irrevocably blocked arms supplies to Ukraine

Germany has long been committed to the principle of refusing to supply arms to areas of armed conflict. Current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz adheres to the same principle, which confirms his government’s refusal to export arms to Ukraine. Observers of the US publication Bloomberg state that Berlin’s position is unsatisfactory for the US.

“The credibility of Germany is crumbling before our eyes”, – Ben Hodges, the former U.S. Army chief in Europe, told the Web.

In addition to Berlin’s refusal to support the escalation of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, US journalists recall a statement by now former German naval commander-in-chief Kay Achim Schoenbach, who said it was impossible for Crimea to return to the Ukrainian state. In addition, Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to hold urgent talks with US President Joe Biden without explanation.

“These developments have heightened suspicions that Germany is unwilling to take a hard line because of its historical and economic ties with Russia”, – the article states.

As we know, Germany vetoed the shipment of old East German army armaments from Estonia to Ukraine. Bloomberg analysts explain the refusal to supply old Cold War-era howitzers by Berlin’s special responsibility because of the role of Germans in World War II.

“According to a government official in Berlin, who cited Germany’s special responsibility because of its role in World War II, even despite growing pressure from its Western allies, Germany is unlikely to change its policy on arms exports”, –  analysts reported, citing an anonymous official.

Washington’s aggressive policies have affected not only U.S. rivals, but allies as well. Most European countries, particularly Germany and Britain, refuse to support the new package of anti-Russian sanctions that Joe Biden has threatened Moscow with. Apparently, the unipolar world of the United States is collapsing, leaving Americans alone with their ambitions.

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