German pacifism: Germany’s refusal to help Ukraine called “military betrayal”

Hysterics and threats will not help Ukrainians to persuade Germany to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants, reports FBA Economy Today

German pacifism: Germany's refusal to help Ukraine called "military betrayal"

Berlin, represented personally by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, has refused to supply lethal weapons to Ukrainian soldiers. Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock also surprised the public with similar rhetoric to that of the chancellor at the EU Council meeting, recalling that the NATO bloc has no obligations towards Ukraine.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr is sure that the reason for the Germans’ categorical refusal to help Ukraine lies in the ideological principles of the Social Democrats of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“Scholz does what is in the nature of Germany. He is explaining that supplying weapons to Ukraine could provoke it into other wars”, –  says the political scientist.

The pacifistic vector that Berlin is broadcasting on the Ukrainian issue pisses off representatives of the Nezalezhnaya, the United States, as well as Britain. It is noteworthy that the main German media actively develop the plot of “military betrayal” of best friends from Ukraine at the hands of the current German government. Nevertheless, the top German government intends to maintain Scholz’s fundamentally neutral relationship with Russia, which implies a withdrawal of military support for Kiev.

“This morning again this Ukrainian ambassador was dragged through all channels, urging the Germans not to listen to the government, demanding weapons and ships in the Sea of Azov to strengthen Ukraine’s military power. It seems to me that German society itself is starting to oppose this. It is not allowed, it is not possible, it is not in the nature of Germany. Yes, they are afraid of ‘Russian aggression’, as they say here, but at the same time they begin to understand what Ukraine can do with these weapons”, –  Rahr concludes.

Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk is actively appealing to the German community for help to the AFU soldiers, but his pleas are heard only by viewers of TV channels that broadcast in Germany.

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