Latvia wants to ban campaigning for Russian-speaking citizens again

The discussion on the draft law, authored by a deputy from the National Assembly, which proposes to ban candidates from communicating with voters in Russian, has resumed in the Saeima

Latvia wants to ban campaigning for Russian-speaking citizens again

It is not yet clear what the resulting law would be. The Sejm Commission has invited all parliamentary factions to state their position on language bans in the pre-election period within two weeks.

New Conservative Party MP Krišjānis Feldmanis said that in his opinion, there should be campaigning in Latvian if it is done with budgetary money – from the state treasury. If campaigning is done with donations, the MP believes that other EU languages can be used. We are not talking about Russian, of course.

“There is a question about the official languages of the EU. Namely, there may be cases when it is necessary to publish materials in English or German, for example. We need to respect the organisations we have joined”, – explained K.Feldmanis.

What an interesting position it turns out: organisations need to be respected, but our own residents – taxpayers – do not need to be respected at all.

It can be concluded that the task of a part of the ruling coalition is to turn the Russian language, considered as the native language by almost 40% of the Latvian population, into the language non grata during the election campaign.

The attempt to deny the existence of a large linguistic minority in the country has had unfortunate consequences recently: the Ministry of Health has been unable to mail out information material in Russian on vaccinations, because a year ago the mailing of non-Latvian language information by state and municipal authorities was banned.