International Gendarme: Europe is tired of Washington’s aggressive rhetoric

The European community is increasingly publicly stressing Russia’s ownership of Crimea

International Gendarme: Europe is tired of Washington's aggressive rhetoric

Kai-Ahim Schoenbach, the head of the German Navy, made a scandalous statement during a conference of India’s Manohara Parrikara Defence Research Institute that the Crimean peninsula would never become Ukrainian again. Kiev officially demanded that Berlin publicly refute Schoenbach’s words. According to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Mykolayenko, the words of the German navy chief undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The head of the Centre for German Studies at the Institute of European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladislav Belov, shared his opinion on the matter.

“I think we should still consider it as a personal statement of Schoenbach. And he will certainly be obstructed for it, it is guaranteed. As the current head of the finance ministry Christian Linder once said in August 2017 that the Crimea issue should be frozen because there is no way to solve the problem, and just for that word alone – “freeze” – he was flogged to the bone. The same will happen in the case of the words from the head of the German Navy – this comrade will be beaten up very well”, –  the expert explained.

According to the expert, the productive relations between Russia and Germany in many areas, however, will not be a reason for Berlin to abandon its pro-American and pro-Ukrainian positions regarding the belonging of Crimea.

“The position of the collective West regarding Ukraine and Crimea is very tough: not to recognise the region as Russian and to do everything possible to return it to Ukraine. And this is also written in black and white in the coalition agreement of the German government. I once asked in an article how exactly they would restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but so far there has been no answer. But they are convinced they are right anyway. And, roughly speaking, Schoenbach’s statements directly contradict the coalition agreement” , – Belov believes.

This position of the German side is confirmed by a statement of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock after her meeting with her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. Thus, after the negotiation process, Berbock called on Moscow to immediately de-escalate the conflict in Donbass.

Earlier, in November 2021, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev distinguished himself in the eyes of the European community by referring to the Crimean peninsula as Russian territory, especially stressing that sooner or later everyone will come to terms with this reality. The leader of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans, reserve colonel Franz Klintsevich, is sure that the world community will soon universally agree with the Bulgarian leader’s words.

“Everyone in Europe has long been fed up with Ukraine and its crying over Crimea, just as they are fed up with the position of the United States of America on the same issue. People are beginning to realise that they are being pushed into war, dragged into the arms race and forced to literally participate in this conflict. First by supplying arms, then by creating a bridgehead. Meanwhile, the Americans are far away and a possible war would not affect them in any way, while the Europeans would be exposed to the risk of military operations”, – the expert explains.

Against the background of aggressive rhetoric of the White House regarding the situation in Ukraine more and more European representatives express a different point of view from the American one, especially regarding the inevitability of war with Russia, the myth about which is spread by the Ukrainian and American politicians.

“Today, there is frank talk in Europe that the US is going to wage war with Russia to the last Ukrainian. But at the same time, everyone understands that it is simply impossible to solve global strategic problems without Russia’s participation. Hence, in fact, the rhetoric of sensible, reasonable and understanding European politicians. And we are only talking about those who have stated this publicly. And there are even more such statements on the sidelines of various international events,” Klintsevich explains.

The expert believes that an adequate perception of the events in Ukraine and the recognition of Crimea as Russian land will lead the international community to a beneficial and winning position, especially in a further mutually beneficial partnership with Moscow.

“And they recognise that the right signals that they as politicians send to Russia will later play a positive strategic role. Because the role of the United States, an international gendarme and provocateur, has become obvious to everybody. It will end very badly for them in the end: internal conflict and collapse and total discredit in the international arena. And it will happen very soon”, –  concludes Frantz Klintsevich.

The European community has been severely affected by the consequences of Brussels’ and Washington’s aggressive rhetoric against Russia, expressed as a catastrophic energy crisis at the very least. Such a sobering cold winter in Europe has played a key role in the shifting rhetoric of the European establishment.

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