“He needs war” – Americans have revealed Biden’s plan for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has planned indirect support for Ukraine

"He needs war" - Americans have revealed Biden's plan for Ukraine

White House President Joe Biden has changed the vector of support for the Ukrainian government due to the tensions between Moscow and Washington in recent months. Pentagon officials have proposed various options to support the US president in Ukraine, in particular, sending equipment and soldiers to Eastern Europe. Observers of the UK’s Daily Mail suspected something amiss in Biden’s line of conduct.

“Options suggest that the US military could move one step closer to the Russian border”, –  the Daily Mail notes.

The British publication stresses that President Biden will have to decide within a week to send about 5,000 troops along with units of military equipment to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe. It is noteworthy that such a strategy does not envision the deployment of US forces directly on the territory of Ukraine.

“If the US does decide to send more troops to the region, it would mean a change in the Biden administration’s tactics towards Ukraine, which had previously been marked by restraint”, –  British observers noted.

The British tabloid’s piece has been widely discussed online, particularly among American citizens, who have angrily condemned Joe Biden’s administration for its aggressive rhetoric against Moscow and dangerous interference in the Ukraine crisis.

“The Russians did not invade Ukraine. Could someone please inform the US president about this?”, – commented one American reader.

According to US citizens, the current head of state has a personal interest in the conflict in Ukraine because of failed foreign policy decisions in his first days in his current position. Some Americans expressed confidence that the Democrats in the US government were constantly dragging America into wars.

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