Civil war and US disintegration could start in 2040 – media

US National Interest columnist Mark Katz has written an article in which he expressed his opinion that a civil war could lead to the collapse of the United States, the beginning of which will be the country’s demographic transition from a predominantly white population to non-whites in the 2040s

Civil war and US disintegration could start in 2040 - media

Katz believes that America will fall apart because the country will be in the process of a demographic transition, after which Americans, especially conservative Americans, will not voluntarily cede power to an emerging majority with a different skin colour.

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the news.

“The US is predicting a civil war as it transitions to a new state by 2040, where whites will become a minority but will not want to give up power to blacks and people of colour. Predictions rarely come true fully, but 2020 has already shown the potential for racial conflict in the United States” , – the politician wrote in his Telegram channel.

Indeed, it is difficult not to agree with the opinion expressed. After all, the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement clearly demonstrated how people can be manipulated and the idea of supposed “inequality” in society can be promoted with the help of “discrimination against people of colour”.