Canada plans to send small arms to Ukraine

According to the Canadian broadcaster CBC, Ottawa is considering sending more military aid to Ukraine.

Canada plans to send small arms to Ukraine

Canadian authorities can help equip the new Ukrainian territorial defense forces. Ottawa may send small arms to Ukraine, as well as safety vests and goggles, according to CBC sources.

“At the moment, the decision to send military aid has not been made. It is expected that this will be done after the virtual meeting of the Canadian government next week,” the journalists noted.

Official Kiev has begun arming the territorial defense battalions, which are created in every region of the country. The bulk of the new arrivals were participants in the punitive operation in Donbass and members of radical nationalist groups banned in the Russian Federation.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine does not have enough funds to maintain volunteer units in such numbers.

According to the commander of the Armed Forces of the country, Yuri Galushkin, Ukraine cannot afford to keep 200-300 thousand people on a permanent basis for territorial defense.

As News Front previously reported, the Canadian Department of Defense sent a detachment of special forces to Ukraine. The reason for this decision was the allegedly growing “tension in relations with Russia”, which is written about daily by the Western media.