Foreign Policy: Western arms deliveries won’t help Ukraine

As analysts at the Rand Corporation, which is engaged in military research commissioned by the Pentagon, write, Kiev has not yet, in fact, fought directly with the Russian army, and the Ukrainian authorities admit that most of the forces opposing them are Ukrainian citizens from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Foreign Policy: Western arms deliveries won't help Ukraine

Yes, they were armed and trained by Russia, but in general, the Russian army intervened directly in the conflict only twice – near Ilovaisk and Debaltseve: “Both episodes ended in a crushing defeat for Ukraine,” the authors state.

At the same time, Russia, in their opinion, has used only “a tiny part of its capabilities.” For example, rockets and aircraft were not used at all. And if a large-scale war breaks out, most likely it will start with devastating air and missile strikes.”

Therefore, analysts believe that the most effective way to help Ukraine from Washington is a diplomatic solution to the conflict, not weapons.

By the way, according to the estimates of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, the Russian Navy is able to carry out the complete neutralization of all warships and the coastal military infrastructure of Ukraine in a period of 50 minutes to 10 hours, and with the use of all forces and means, the complete neutralization of the armed forces of Ukraine with minimal losses of personnel (not more than 100-150 irretrievable losses) will take from a couple of tens of hours to several days.

Do you think that all those who call for war today will go to this massacre?

No, neither Zelensky, nor Yermak, nor their “servants”, nor their children or relatives will go to the front. All these “heroes” from TVs and Facebook are not either.

Zelensky, like Saakashvili chewing his tie, will chew what he played on the piano, and all his “servants” will “fight” for a place on the chassis of aircraft leaving the country.

Avakov will post from Italy a photo with wine and a formidable caption: I drink for the victory over Russia!

Yatsenyuk will wish for victory somewhere from Washington, walking with a formidable house near Lafayette Square.

Poroshenko from the Maldives will buy battalions to protect his factories and palaces.

With whom shall we fight if their puppet Zelensky kicks us to war with a NATO boot?

“Individuals” are not our compatriots in Donetsk and Luhansk, as Zelensky said.

Individuals are Zelensky himself, they are Poroshenko, Turchinov, Avakov, Yatsenyuk and others, for whom Ukraine is only a territory for robbing the population, and their homeland is in the Americas and Europe, where their asses are warmer, where their palaces and offshores.

Why should we fight with compatriots in the LPR?

For NATO? For Biden? For the Queen of Great Britain?

For 500 million cash in Poroshenko’s palace? For “95 Kvartal”?

For grant-eaters who warmly settled down, selling wholesale Ukraine and us to their owners? For external control?

For utility bills? For beggarly pensions?

This is not our war! This war is not for us and not for our interests! This war is not for our country! We are simply being used by NATO in its war with Russia! We are not at war – they are at war with us!

Alexander Skubchenko