“Waning player hysteria”: the West finds itself in a precarious position

The West is inevitably weakening in its fight against Russia’s national interests

"Waning player hysteria": the West finds itself in a precarious position

The policy of the Western establishment clearly resembles the “virtual world”, in which representatives of Europe and the US demonstrate detachment from reality and indulgence in myths. Russia’s independence frightens and irritates the West amid the mass hysteria of foreign media about the threat from Moscow. German political analyst Alexander Rahr shared this opinion.

“But this is the hysteria of a weakening player. The West is not ready to take up arms itself, instead it wants to arm Ukraine. But the Ukrainian leadership is not crazy either. Kiev must understand that Ukraine will be abandoned like Afghanistan”, –  the expert noted.

Current realities have revealed the impossibility of an absolutely peaceful resolution of the conflict between the collective West and Russia; however, the Russian side has still managed to draw red lines, crossing which the Western colleagues will cause harsh retaliatory measures.

NATO is likely to reject the membership of Georgia and Ukraine in the bloc, but it will do so without formal guarantees that will “tarnish the honour” of Western representatives for years to come. Russia at this point will be able to calmly concern itself with building a Eurasian security and economic architecture.

News Front earlier reported that Ukraine is actively preparing for military provocations in Donbass.