US admits Russia’s “small invasion” of Ukraine

There will be no serious sanctions for this “small invasion”. But Biden warned Putin against a “big invasion”, for which Russia would face very strong sanctions

US admits Russia's "small invasion" of Ukraine

Sergei Markov, a Russian statesman and public figure, expressed this view.

“By ‘small invasion’ we apparently mean Russia’s recognition of the DPR and LPR and the entry of Russian troops there on the model of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. By Big Invasion we mean the introduction of troops either on the entire territory of the brotherly unhappy country, or in the Southern and Eastern pro-Russian regions”, –  the political scientist wrote in his Telegram channel.

Such a decision by the USA has caused a shock in Ukraine, the expert said. Zelensky even dared to object to Biden, noting that no “invasion of Russian troops” was acceptable.

“But everyone understood the main thing – in principle, Washington would not mind much if Russia recognizes the DPR and LNR and introduces troops there already officially. And those troops will stop shelling Donbass on a daily basis”, –  Makarov said.

It follows that such a solution to the issue is another option of compromise between Russia and the U.S. One has to understand that there will be a conflict between Russia and the US anyway, but Washington wants this conflict to be more or less manageable.

“This is in line with the concepts of ‘foreign policy realism’ in which the current US President Biden is used to working for several decades and within which he is used to thinking. Biden is trying to take control of the development of the conflict”, –  summarised the political scientist.