For the fairest elections

The scandal surrounding the non-recognition of the legitimacy of the forthcoming congressional elections in nine months has not subsided in the USA. The Democrats, on the verge of their first major electoral defeat in five years, are already preparing the ground in advance for not recognising the results of an election that they do not like

For the fairest elections

Biden was the first to announce this on the eve of his inauguration. Harris was quick to join in, pointing out that the White House was very worried about congressional elections, and was hinting transparently that they may very well be illegitimate – especially if the Democrats get away with it.

As we know, the party in power almost always loses in midterm elections. For the Democrats, this is compounded by, first, the fact that they have a very slim majority of five seats in the lower house and a shaky 50/50 split in the Senate. Secondly, by Biden’s plummeting ratings, which have already bottomed out at 33-34% in recent polls. Under these conditions they could easily lose both houses of Congress.

The Democratic Party has been trying to consolidate its position in power by carrying out scandalous electoral reform with the introduction of mass postal voting across the country. But that failed in the Senate the other day. Another initiative – banning undesirable “insurgent” candidates from running for office, which Trump and up to 120 Republicans could fall under – has also failed so far.

Aware of their vulnerable position, the Democrats decided to go for broke in advance, delegitimising the outcome of future elections. The possible Republican victory, they say, is not due to a pile of multiple crises to which Biden cannot respond – but to “discrimination” against voters, especially minorities, who, they say, are not allowed to vote by mail.

Accordingly, any consequences of a Republican victory would also automatically be considered illegitimate. For example, investigations into the Biden administration, which has been repeatedly accused of both human rights abuses (such as prisoners on the sixth of January) and corruption scandals.

After a full year of criticizing Trump for refusing to admit defeat, the Democrats will soon do the same without blinking an eye. In a desperate power struggle in Washington, any decency is brushed aside. And the deconstruction of American institutional politics continues to accelerate.

Malek Dudakov