US wants to impose sanctions against ‘pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine’ – WSJ

The Wall Street Journal, citing US authorities, has reported that the White House plans to impose sanctions against “pro-Russian separatists” from Donbass, including freezing their accounts

US wants to impose sanctions against 'pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine' - WSJ

According to the newspaper, such actions by the US side are diplomatic pressure on Russia. The sanctions will be officially announced on Thursday.

The head of the DPR commented on the announcement.

“We have been living in war conditions for more than eight years and it has not stopped us from staying true to our beliefs. So sanctions against us are a useless tool: they do not work on the territory of the Donbas republics. We have no accounts or real estate abroad, and we gave up visiting the USA and other Western countries back in 2014. In addition, since 2017 we have been living under a complete economic and transport blockade. What sanctions? Are those who make such decisions at all well informed about the situation? But we have noted with satisfaction that the USA already treats us as an independent state: they even want to impose sanctions”, – said the head of the DPR.

Denis Pushilin also noted that the announced US sanctions against the DPR and LPR once again show who is really behind Ukraine’s aggressive actions