No war or sanctions from the US – political scientist

Marat Bashirov, a Russian political technologist has said he does not believe in the possibility of war “between Russia and Ukraine” and new sanctions from the US

No war or sanctions from the US - political scientist

“The key task that brought Biden to power is the ‘green transition’, that is, the introduction of new types of energy while reducing CO2 emissions and other hazardous substances”, –  he wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to the political scientist, a large-scale world conflict with sanctions and armed conflict would put an end to this transition for at least a couple of decades. Because it cannot be done without Russia and China.

“For the authors of the idea it is not only the loss of huge money, but also the loss of the idea itself. Does it have opponents in the Western elite? Of course there are, and here it is worth debating the topic: NATO vs. the green transition”, –  Bashirov concluded.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that Washington is preparing “never-before-seen sanctions” for Russia in case the situation around Ukraine escalates