Berlin prosecutor’s office launches investigation against Berbock

Against the head of the German Foreign Office, Annalena Berbock, and the leadership of the Union90/Greens party, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation

Berlin prosecutor's office launches investigation against Berbock

The party leadership is suspected of abusing the party in the payment of coronavirus-related allowances.

“The subject of the trial is the allocation of coronavirus-related bonuses by members of the federal government to themselves in 2020.”

The estimated amount of illegal payments is €1,500 per person.

We reported earlier that Berbock refrained from anti-Russian rhetoric in her conversation with Lavrov. It is to be recalled that the Russian and German foreign ministers held a talks in Moscow on 18 January. Sergey Lavrov and Annalena Berbock touched on most of the issues in which the countries’ policies diverge. Notably, the German foreign minister had to drop the anti-Russian rhetoric in order to preserve her status. Expert at the International Institute for Humanities and Political Studies, political scientist Vladimir Bruter talks about the reasons for this change of vector