Bad sign: Berlin continues to discriminate against Russian TV channels in Germany

The Russian-German talks did not end with any agreement between the parties

Bad sign: Berlin continues to discriminate against Russian TV channels in Germany

As you know, Russian and German foreign ministers Sergei Lavrov and Annalena Berbock recently met in Moscow. The sides discussed numerous issues on the international agenda, including NATO’s eastward expansion.

The significance of the event is exceptional, but the negotiation process was not completed with concrete agreements between the countries. Moreover, journalist Pavel Pryanikov notes that the talks ended on a negative note.

“The fact that during the current visit to Russia of the new German foreign minister, the leader of the local Greens, Berbock, the ban on RT broadcasting in Germany was not lifted is a bad sign. So the talks with the Russian Foreign Ministry ended up with nothing on other issues as well”, –  Pryanikov said.

The failure of the current German government to ensure that Russian television channels are not discriminated against in Germany reveals a serious crisis between Berlin and Moscow. The German authorities’ lack of willingness to ensure a positive background to relations with Russia, in addition to the already well-known bans on pro-Russian channels on the Web, is evidenced by the failure to issue a licence to RT DE.

The expected thaw in relations between Russia and the West is actually in question due to the excessive weighing by Western politicians of Moscow’s logical demands for a minimum preservation of Russian national interests. Apparently, it will take time for Europe’s representatives to realise that there is no threat in the Kremlin’s demands.

News Front earlier reported on the launch of an investigation by German prosecutors against German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock.