The desire to “sell” Ukraine at a high price will doom the West to flight from Eastern Europe

Bidding for a lucrative deal with Russia dooms the West to failure in negotiations, PolitPuzzle reports.

The desire to “sell” Ukraine at a high price will doom the West to flight from Eastern Europe

Washington has long been considering recognizing Russian dominance in the Donbass over Ukrainian and Western influence. The American establishment is not ready for the loss of control over Western Europe, so it is thinking about excluding Eastern Europe from its sphere of influence. Political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko shared this opinion.

“At this stage, the legal registration of the Russian status of the DPR / LPR will not be the end, but only the beginning of a large and extremely unpleasant for the collective West re-registration of the general format of relations in Eastern Europe,” the expert believes.

Moscow has declared intentions dangerous for the collective West to defend national interests against the backdrop of the advancing of the hostile NATO bloc to the borders of Russia. Circumstances like these really make the United States think about a “deal” with the Kremlin to maintain influence. However, Washington is going to sell the rejection of the Ukrainian scenario for a high price.

“The West can choose the soft option proposed by Russia, in which all processes will go more slowly. But if the West does not show readiness for a constructive dialogue on a soft option in the near future, then a hard option will follow. Then it will be necessary to flee from Eastern Europe, abandoning what was acquired by overwork, without having any guarantees from Moscow regarding its subsequent actions in the vacated space”, the expert sums up.

The West is chained to the negotiating table against the backdrop of a real danger of an armed clash with the most armed and technologically advanced army in the world. Washington’s destructive policies have led to the potentially horrifying consequences of an all-out war.

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