Stoltenberg’s plan to save NATO with the help of Belarus revealed

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg started saving the organization at the expense of Belarus, FAN reports.

Stoltenberg's plan to save NATO with the help of Belarus revealed

As it became known, Poland and Lithuania are concentrating a military contingent on the border with Belarus, Ukrainian soldiers are also being drawn to the border areas. It is noted that mainly representatives of nationalist radical formations were nominated from Kiev.

The aggravation in Eastern Europe is beneficial not only for the United States, but also, first of all, for the NATO military bloc, which is not as strongly attached to the negotiation process with Russia as Washington is. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Kirill Koktysh.

“Indeed, the shells are falling closer and closer. Here, on the one hand, NATO understands, and first of all, the same Jens Stoltenberg understands very well that Europe is becoming more or less a province for the United States. Objectively, from the point of view of bureaucratic logic, it is to his advantage that the situation escalates, that the United States is forced to retain significant forces and resources and, in fact, to maintain the significance of NATO as an organization. Let me remind you that the only goal of this structure is to oppose the USSR, and now the former Soviet republics. Now this goal has been blurred as much as possible and Stoltenberg is desperately trying to save NATO at the expense of Belarus, that is, at the expense of the war with Belarus”, the expert suggests.

According to the political scientist, one should not underestimate the intentions of the Alliance to arrange a big provocation in Europe. Despite the fact that the bloc is constrained by some bureaucratic mechanisms, NATO’s goal can be realized. The original task of the organization has always been the formation of a strong weapon in the fight against Russia and its partners. The sad level of political competence only fuels the likelihood of an armed clash in Eastern Europe.

Earlier, News Front suggested that Ukraine could join the NATO bloc only in parts.