Russian project in the Arctic region made the Poles jealous

The Poles appreciated Russia’s plans for the construction of the Arctic railway, PolitPazl reports.

Russian project in the Arctic region made the Poles jealous

Polish observers from Wirtualna Polska spoke about the intention of the Russian side to implement a large-scale project for the development of the Arctic region, during which a railway with a length of over 500 km will be built. According to the plan of Moscow, the railway line should connect the port of Indiga with the settlement of Sosnogorsk in the Komi Republic. Readers of the Polish edition reacted emotionally to this project.

“Excellent: people will have jobs, the Russian economy will benefit from this. Those who have money invest, and those who do not have them are envious,” the Poles comment.

The authors of the article, citing a statement by officials in the Kremlin, claim that Russia plans to invest about 200 billion rubles to implement the project. Moscow intends to attract more attention of Europe and China to the route with the help of a large load of the Northern Sea Route.

“This railroad will connect Europe and Asia and bypass the idiotic Poles, who, on the orders of the United States, did not agree to the construction of a transshipment terminal for Chinese goods in Poland!” one subscriber said not without emotion.

Through the implementation of an ambitious plan, Russia should link the industrial regions of the Southern Urals, the Novosibirsk region and Kuzbass with a common outlet to the Barents Sea. The strategic planning of the Russian side will make it possible to popularize the Northern Sea Route and develop the Arctic region as a whole.

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