Baerbock-Lavrov talks: German Foreign Minister refrains from anti-Russian rhetoric

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock has abandoned her aggressive rhetoric against Nord Stream-2, PolitRussia reports.

Baerbock-Lavrov talks: German Foreign Minister refrains from anti-Russian rhetoric

As you know, on January 18, a negotiation process took place in Moscow between the foreign ministers of Russia and Germany. Sergey Lavrov and Annalena Burbock touched upon most of the issues in which the policies of the countries differ. It is noteworthy that the head of the German Foreign Ministry was forced to abandon anti-Russian rhetoric in order to maintain her status. Expert of the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, political scientist Vladimir Bruter, spoke about the reasons for such a change in the vector.

“The government must have a collective position. If Burbock says that Nord Stream should be closed, and Scholz, in turn, that it should be allowed, then such a government will not last long. And for this reason, they came to a kind of collective agreement that Nord Stream-2 must undergo full German and European Union accreditation and certification. Therefore, in negotiations with Sergey Lavrov, Ms. Baerbock had to change her tone and abandon her previous statements on Nord Stream-2,” the expert explains.

However, Burbock’s refusal from aggressive rhetoric was due only to a meeting with a high-ranking representative of the Kremlin, the minister still remains an irreconcilable rival of the Russian pipeline and intends to fight it, but in a different way.

“Naturally, Nord Stream-2 will not pass this certification. Because you can always find ways to slow down this process. In the same way as, for example, it happens with our Sputnik V vaccine. You can always find something that supposedly will not suit them – and put it off, put it off, put it off. However, they will not cancel the project completely. Because, firstly, a significant part of German business is against it. And secondly, if they completely cancel it, Russia, of course, will lose some money that it has already received, but that’s all. Therefore, they will keep this issue suspended, trying to set different conditions for our country”, the political scientist believes.

Counterproductive attempts to politicize the gas pipeline project lead to a violation of energy security in Europe and Germany in particular. Russia needs to maintain the position it has been adhering to recently, namely, the fulfillment of all contractual obligations.

“I think that the position that Russia currently occupies is more than acceptable. That is, we do what corresponds to German laws. Everything else is out of our control. But there is no demand from us for this either, since we conscientiously fulfill our part of the obligations. And we even get paid for it,” Bruter sums up.

The talks in Moscow demonstrated Annalena Baerbock’s willingness to compromise her principles. Otherwise, she may lose her position and be literally expelled from big politics against the backdrop of activities that are destructive for her state.

Earlier, News Front suggested that German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock could work for the US government.