Demand for US weapons is falling – experts

Analysts of the Rai Al Youm publication stated that the demand for American weapons is falling due to the quality of the Russian military industry – Russia managed to force America out of the world arms market.

Demand for US weapons is falling - experts

The authors of the article note that the United States was left behind due to the inability of American fifth-generation fighters to maintain a leading position due to technical imperfections.

In addition, the demand for US weapons also fell due to Russia’s breakthrough in the creation of S-400 and S-500 anti-aircraft missile systems capable of intercepting and destroying most types of enemy combat aircraft.

“The latest military research claims that it will take the United States at least 20 years to develop a new generation of fighters, not to mention hundreds of billions of dollars, while Russia only needs a few years to modernize its missile arsenal and tens of billions of dollars,” experts say.