Poles warned Ukraine about US readiness to sacrifice its interests

Ukraine naively believes in vain that the United States is worried about its well-being. Washington’s fight against Russia’s Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline has nothing to do with protecting Kiev’s interests.

Poles warned Ukraine about US readiness to sacrifice its interests

This point of view was expressed by a reader of the Polish portal Wydarzenia.Interia. They commented on the news that the US Senate had abandoned the bill of sanctions against the project, Izvestia reports.

The Poles noticed that the Americans were completely indifferent to the interests of Europe. In addition, if Ukraine believes that if Nord Stream-2 is stopped, Russian gas will continue to flow through its territory, then it is time for it to give up these ridiculous hopes.

Commentators stressed that the Kiev authorities lobbied for the sanctions bill. And the fact that it failed is the result of pressure from the White House. It convinced the Democrats that they needed to continue trying to improve relations with Russia through a diplomatic approach. Sanctions against the gas pipeline would prevent this.

In addition, restrictive measures against Nord Stream-2 would also become a problem for relations with Germany. Now Berlin has compromised and agreed to stop the pipeline if the West’s dreams of “Russian aggression” come true.

The Poles summed it up: the United States will try to build ties with Russia. However, the point here is exclusively in rivalry with China. European interests and the interests of Ukraine for Washington are just a bargaining chip, which it will not hesitate to sacrifice.