Wall Street Journal analysts hope for Hillary Clinton’s return to big politics

Hillary Clinton, the wife of former United States President Bill Clinton and a well-known representative of the Democratic Party, may once again try her luck in the race for a seat in the Oval Office.

Wall Street Journal analysts hope for Hillary Clinton's return to big politics

American analysts Sean Cooperman and Andrew Stein believe she could be the Democratic nominee in the 2024 presidential election. They wrote about this in their column for the Wall Street Journal, the Drobnitsky Telegram channel reports.

Experts believe that for the Democratic Party, Clinton may be the “best option” to win. It is worth noting that Cooperman is well acquainted with Hillary: in the past he worked as a sociologist for Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s return to big politics has long been awaited. However, all is not as happy as hoped in the ranks of the American Democrats. The authors of the Telegram channel write about this:

“I think that it is in the Clinton clan that they grab their heads from this the most. In 2012, Obama administration official Jeff Bader told journalist and writer James Mann”, many of us who associate ourselves with the Clinton presidency have a great sense of loyalty to Bill Clinton, but that feeling doesn’t extend to Hillary.”

It cannot be ruled out that the Democratic Party is indeed pinning its hopes on Clinton. Biden will occupy the White House for another three years, but it is already clear that he has lost the sympathy of his compatriots. The political force needs another candidate and Hilary, if he agrees, can become one. If, at the same time, former President Donald Trump also runs, then 2024 will be her chance for revenge.


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