“Remind Biden of myself”: Poroshenko has only one chance to avoid prison in Ukraine

Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko risks being behind bars in his homeland, PolitRussia reports.

“Remind Biden of myself”: Poroshenko has only one chance to avoid prison in Ukraine

The press service of Poroshenko’s European Solidarity party announces the return of the leader of the movement to Ukraine on January 17. The former Ukrainian guarantor himself calls on the current government not to frighten him with arrests at the airport, calling such attacks on his person political repressions. Political analyst and political commentator for MIA Rossiya Segodnya Vladimir Kornilov believes that there is a possibility of Poroshenko being taken into custody.

“There is a theoretical possibility of Poroshenko’s arrest, of course. Although, if you remember, Saakashvili at one time was able to cross the border, including through the Ukrainian one. That is, everything is possible in Ukraine. And in general, the answer to the question of whether Poroshenko will return or wait a little longer will largely depend on how decisively the US Embassy and the G7 ambassadors who joined them will stand up for Petro Alekseevich. We see that there is such a run-in of this opinion. And we understand what Poroshenko is doing now, being in the West: he, of course, is making every effort to obtain his own security”, explains the expert.

The ex-president expects to receive the support of Western ambassadors in Ukraine, not counting on the honesty of the word of the country’s security service or President Volodymyr Zelensky himself. It is precisely the search for location among Western politicians that Petro Poroshenko is currently busy with.

“Let’s see how tough the requirements of the ambassadors will be to provide the former president of Ukraine with certain guarantees. And, most likely, Poroshenko is now trying to contact his old acquaintance, his old friend Joe Biden, so as not to end up in prison in Ukraine. And here he will probably have to make a lot of efforts in order to bring old Biden out of dementia and remind who Petro Poroshenko is and that the American president spoke about him at one time”, says the political scientist.

Kornilov is sure that for the American president, any representation of Ukraine is washed away into one muddy spot. This is confirmed by the absence of representatives of the Ukrainian side at the talks on mutual security in the Russia-NATO format. The position of the current or past president of the Square is the last thing Joe Biden cares about. Poroshenko can only count on the fairy tale about Zelensky, the Kremlin agent, which his party promoted in the elections.

“Poroshenko has already stated, declares and will continue to state that Zelensky is an agent of Putin, and that all his actions are dictated by the Kremlin. I want to remind you that when the election campaign was going on, Poroshenko imagined the election between him and Zelensky as an election between Poroshenko and Putin. In fact, since then, he has consistently continued to declare that Zelensky and his entire team are Kremlin agents doing everything possible to weaken Ukraine, and put him in jail, a true patriot who opposes “Russian aggression”. So in this sense, his statements will continue in the same vein, regardless of whether he is allowed into Ukraine or arrested”, concludes Kornilov.

Apparently, the Ukrainian scenario of the Western establishment has slid to the level of unnecessary informational noise and no more. The influence of the Kiev authorities on the situation in their own country is so negligible that the entire representation of Ukraine can be sent on vacation and forgotten about.

Earlier, News Front spoke about the confidence of the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that a prison is not waiting for him at home.


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