CSTO peacekeepers from three countries left Kazakhstan

CSTO peacekeepers from Armenia and Tajikistan left Kazakhstan on four planes of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

CSTO peacekeepers from three countries left Kazakhstan

IL-76 took off from Alma-Ata airport. The military from Armenia follow three sides, and the Tajik ones – one, since they did not take military equipment with them to Kazakhstan.

On the plane, together with the military from Tajikistan, a group of 31 cadets of the Military Institute of the Ground Forces of Kazakhstan went home for the holidays. The headquarters of the CSTO operation was located in this educational institution.

A little earlier that morning, units of the Kyrgyz armed forces guarding CHPP-2 drove home under their own power.

Military personnel from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan participated in the CSTO operation in Kazakhstan. They were entrusted with the protection of strategically important objects. It is known that the Armenian contingent guarded the Aksai grain factory and the Druzhba pumping station, and the Tajik peacekeepers guarded the Alma-Ata thermal power plant-1.


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