“Clean water is now only in Europe”: Ukrainians were deprived of the main water artery

Ecologists’ warnings about the state of the Dnieper caused panic in the Ukrainian Networks, FAN reports.

“Clean water is now only in Europe”: Ukrainians were deprived of the main water artery

“With such leaders, we will soon be buying clean water from Europe. It’s funny, comrades, funny,” the Ukrainians are indignant.

New Year’s Eve was marked by sad news for the Ukrainian people. Pavel Ivanov, head of the State Environmental Inspectorate of the capital district, said that a group of scientists discovered more than 200 life-threatening elements in Dnipro, in particular, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, synthetic compounds, agrochemicals and many other substances were found.

“We need to save our artery of Ukraine, otherwise it will be very, very bad for us. For the very beginning, you need to open the North Crimean Canal so that the water flows, and does not stand”, they write on the Web.

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine shared no less terrible forecasts for the main water artery of the country. According to environmental experts, after a couple of hundred years of such an attitude towards the great Dnieper, the artery will become shallow and will look like a desert.

“This is karma, boomerang principle. Zelensky will learn his lesson. The channel needs to be opened, stop crushing the Crimeans with drought, but everything returns to us with a response, a painful response”, the Ukrainians comment.

The water blockade of the Crimean peninsula predictably turned into a disaster for Ukrainian citizens. Another ill-considered decision of the Kiev authorities demonstrates their incompetence in the position of the ruling elite. The sad fate of the Dnipro caused a nervous reaction of citizens, during which Ukrainians condemn the policies of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Tomorrow in Kiev they will say: “it is necessary to merge these sewage somewhere”. Where? Let’s open the North Crimean Canal again! Now Crimea needs to build a second dam, but from the side of the peninsula”,  the citizens of Nezalezhnaya write without hiding their emotions.

The destructive direction of Ukrainian politics endangers not only the citizens of the country, but also arouses concern among the inhabitants of Crimea. Based on earlier decisions, Kiev is able to seriously consider dumping chemicals into the North Crimean Canal.

Earlier, News Front told who the current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will fight against in the upcoming elections.


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