The Ukrainian scenario in Kazakhstan

In connection with the events that very recently took place in Kazakhstan, it is appropriate to recall one document that somehow came into the public domain back in 2019

The Ukrainian scenario in Kazakhstan
ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN – JANUARY 5, 2022: A burning car is seen by the mayorís office on fire. Protests are spreading across Kazakhstan over the rising fuel prices; protesters broke into the Almaty mayorís office and set it on fire. Valery Sharifulin/TASS
 ‡Á‡ıÒÚ‡Ì. ¿Îχ-¿Ú‡. √Óˇ˘ËÈ ‡‚ÚÓÏÓ·Ëθ ‚ÓÁΠÁ‰‡Ìˡ Ï˝ËË (‡ÍËχÚ). ”˜‡ÒÚÌËÍË ÔÓÚÂÒÚ‡ ÔÓÚË‚ ÓÒÚ‡ ˆÂÌ Ì‡ ÚÓÔÎË‚Ó ‚Ó‚‡ÎËÒ¸ ‚ Á‰‡ÌË ‡ÍËχڇ Ë ÔÓÊÓ‰„ÎË Â„Ó. ¬‡ÎÂËÈ ÿ‡ËÙÛÎËÌ/“¿——

I’m talking about a report by the US corporation RAND, which is entirely devoted to how Russia needs to be weakened. It focuses on destabilising Russia’s borders and it is already clear that this plan is being implemented. Just over a year ago Belarus was almost on fire, and now Kazakhstan is on fire as well. And it is good that it blew up without great consequences, because everything could be much more tragic. Here we can mention the war in Nagorno Karabakh, which fits perfectly into the plans of the RAND Corporation as well.

In the RAND Corporation’s plan, a special place was given to Ukraine. Not only as a self-valuable player in this space, but also as a focal point for the destabilization of the entire post-Soviet space. This case is not particularly expensive and with the current availability of various communications, messengers and social networks it is simple enough. In fact, Ukraine has become the centre of an information war of sabotage not only against Russia, but also against Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

One of the most popular formats is “officers’ daughters” farms. This is a familiar thing from the days of Crimea’s reunification with Russia. Naturally, it has been improved and modernised many times over. There is no doubt that a significant proportion of the “revolutionary Belarusians” carried out their agitation in social networks from somewhere like Bila Tserkva or Zhitomir. There the guys did not even hide themselves much, because the posts of the “Belarusians” were often full of mistakes and expressions, specific to the inhabitants of Ukraine. Approximately the same information war was waged against Armenia. There was a second front against the country, with disinformation, alarmism and everything that is necessary in such cases. Particularly interesting is that one of the main activities was an attempt to discord ordinary Armenians with Russians, for then there were many posts on the Internet which insulted Russians on behalf of Armenians, or Armenians on behalf of Russians. But again, poorly hidden Ukrainian ears stuck out in all these posts.

And the same ears stick out from the smoke of fires in Alma-Ata. Maybe even Ukraine did not prepare for these events on purpose, or did not prepare for them on purpose, but they got hooked on them with a deadly grip. From posts like “Well done, Kazakhs, chose freedom!” to blatant junk like “Appeal of Kazakhstan Liberation Front” which turned out to be product of Ukrainian Nazis led by Dmytro Korchinsky.

But all this is a foam. And underneath is the painstaking coordination work that is also being done from Ukraine. Such a huge informational Banderite cache as it was after the Great Patriotic War in Western Ukraine. And of course – the guidance, support and assistance of Western handlers. It is no secret that the CIA opens the doors of SBU offices with their feet.

And one thing is interesting here: do they understand that by their actions they are stirring up not only in Russia, but also in other CSTO countries, where people are not particularly happy about attempts at destabilisation, wars and colour revolutions? After all, one day they will have to answer for that too. You will have to.

Voice of Mordor, specially for News Front