It’s time to pay the bill: American expert dispels the myth of a “weak” Russia

It’s time for the American elite to forget the myth of a weak Russia

It's time to pay the bill: American expert dispels the myth of a "weak" Russia

Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, describes how Washington has reached the current stalemate in relations with Russia in his article for The National Interest. The expert highlights the prophetic words of the author of the containment doctrine, George Kennan.

“Enlargement would be the most fatal mistake of American policy in the post-Cold War era… Such a decision would push Russian foreign policy in directions that would be decidedly unpalatable to us”, –  Kennan said in 1997.

The US publication`s specialist notes that official data confirms Washington`s promise to Russia from the time of the last US ambassador, Jack Matlock, in the Soviet Union. Those years were marked by a promise to the last General Secretary of the CPSU, Mikhail Gorbachev, not to extend NATO in return for German reunification.

Lawrence Korb, during a December 2021 working trip at the invitation of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, spoke to Russian experts and saw that the current White House was spending dozens of times more on the defence budget in an attempt to regain military superiority in the world as quickly as possible.

“The Russians believe that we treat them without the respect that a great power deserves. Some political scientists actually mocked Francis Fukuyama for declaring the end of history after the collapse of the Soviet Union and instead quoted Stephen Cohen, who praised Putin for putting Russia back on its feet by bringing it back to normal”, – Lawrence Korb concludes.

Earlier, News Front revealed the price the American elite will have to pay for new sanctions against Russia.


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