It has become known that Ukrainian security services coordinated the actions of pogromists in Kazakhstan

According to Telegram channel Joker DPR, Ukrainian special services were not only directly involved in the preparation of January riots in Kazakhstan, but also coordinated the actions of the rioters

It has become known that Ukrainian security services coordinated the actions of pogromists in Kazakhstan

This became known thanks to the operative work of hackers who cooperate with the TG channel. Thus, they managed to hack into several resources of Ukraine’s secret services, and thus found out that the administration of the information resources of the organization Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, which was behind the coup attempt in the republic, was handled by a career officer of the AFU, Andrey Garbuziuk.

Garbuzyuk is not just an officer but a lieutenant colonel of the 83rd centre of information and psychological operations in Odessa, military expert Boris Rozhin states.

Apart from the Odessa centre, the Ukrainian armed formations have three more such units: in Brovary in the Kiev Region, Huyva near Zhytomyr and in Lviv. These units were created with the direct assistance of the US military and are part of the Special Operations Forces (SDF).

The main task of the “divan troops” was to conduct psychological operations and information sabotage against Russia and its allies.

As to movement “Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan” (organization recognized as extremist and banned in Kazakhstan), it was created by ex-banker Mukhtar Ablyazov, convicted in absentia for murder in the republic. As he called himself – “the leader of the Kazakh opposition”. And in spite of the fact that Ablyazov at one time escaped to London, and then to Paris, in Kiev under control of SBU and handlers from the United States there is still operating “DVK headquarters”, through which lieutenant colonel Garbuzyuk was managing protests in Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan.

It is specified that two citizens of the republic, 23-year-old Yeldos Nasipbekov and 27-year-old Zamanbek Tleuliyev, residing in Ukraine helped him in this. The young men directly transmitted tasks to the pogromists, using the very telephone numbers through which Ablyazov’s ‘headquarters’ called for the co-ordination of protests.

Expert Boris Rozhin draws particular attention to the fact that the data of the above callers was removed from the database controlled by the SSU. And this, in his opinion, once again proves the connection between the putschists and the “Bezpeka Service of Ukraine”.


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