Eco-protests in Serbia are sponsored by the West – Vucic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic believes that the mass environmental protests in the country, involving the blockade of highways and various incidents, are sponsored by organizations from the West in the interests of his political opponents

Eco-protests in Serbia are sponsored by the West - Vucic

Thus, the Serbian leader stated that in the run-up to the parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for April 3, there will be no political unrest in the country with foreign intervention, as was the case in Kazakhstan.

“All their demands that we have accepted are not enough reason for them to get off the street. You see this is run by politicians who are of course fighting for the upcoming elections, which is legitimate, but it’s not legitimate to tell me that you love this country more than I do, moreover you are paid from abroad and I am not a dinar from the Marshall Foundation (the German Marshall Fund), from Austrian companies or from anyone else”, –  Vucic said.

Previously, massive protests were held in Serbia on Saturdays – environmental activists blocked highways and traffic interchanges in Serbian cities on November 27, with several violent incidents. The protests were triggered by the expropriation bill and the referendum law, which, according to environmental activists, would allow the Australian-British Rio Tinto to start lithium mining in the country. They are demanding the cancellation of the agreements with Rio Tinto and the complete scrapping of the Yadar lithium mining project under threat of further protests.