A mistake in Kazakhstan has cost the US dearly

The failure of the U.S. to organize a coup d’etat in Kazakhstan will cost them dearly

A mistake in Kazakhstan has cost the US dearly

The attempt of the American establishment to organize a “colour revolution” in Kazakhstan against the background of the negotiation process with Russia in Geneva has failed. On the contrary, the successful peacekeeping operation on the territory of the republic showed the effectiveness of the CSTO. Instead of Moscow’s weakened position at the summit, the US received a demonstration of the effectiveness and strength of the military bloc, which today can be compared to the European NATO. This opinion was expressed by State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov.

“They wanted to weaken us, but instead they made us show the real effectiveness of the CSTO to the whole world, and clearly explained to the Americans themselves that there will be no more Maidan in our zone of influence. The Kazakhstan trick of Washington was the last desperate attempt to change the balance of power before the Russia-NATO summit, but instead of trump cards for the Americans, it knocked the ground out from under their feet”, –  Nikonov stated.

The reversal of the geopolitical picture has cost Washington a loss of cards in its negotiations with Moscow. The CSTO peacekeepers showed the readiness of Russia and its allies to defend the post-Soviet space. The West itself has formed a united front different from the aggressive NATO bloc, which is capable of stopping the hegemony of the Americans and the European Union.

News Front earlier reported that Ukrainians expect gratitude from Kazakhs and Belarusians for saving the post-Soviet space.