USA: election passions

There is an ongoing effort in America to arrange a complete reset of its electoral system, which threatens to descend into chaos in the next electoral cycle of 2022 – 2024 and ensure that the losing side refuses to recognise the outcome of the election in any case

USA: election passions
Biden is on his way to Georgia to make a speech calling for a complete “liberalisation” of the electoral laws. The state was not chosen by chance – Biden won here by a narrow margin in 2020 using the postal vote. But since then, local lawmakers have tightened election laws, tightening controls on remote voting.

The Democrats’ reform calls for the federalisation of elections in America. While election laws are now shaped at the local level, after the reform they will be imposed on all states from the federal centre. Mass postal voting will spread to the whole of America – coupled with the recognition of any voter verification measures as racist and their subsequent abolition.

The boundaries of all congressional districts, which are now formed by state election committees, will be determined by “independent experts” (read: liberal sociologists) in Washington. Even such crazy measures as allowing ballots to be printed on a home printer and then mailed to the precincts will be allowed. Without identity verification, ballots could be thrown in for all the previous owners of your property, for example – and they would be counted.

But it is not just opposition from all Republicans that stands in the way of this scandalous reform, but also lack of unanimity among the Democrats themselves. In order to pass it, the institution of the filibuster, which gives the minority party in the Senate the right to “marinate” for an indefinite period of time on any bill that does not have the support of 60 senators, must be restricted or completely abolished.

It is telling that these electoral experiments are already underway in the Democratic states. Right now, the new authorities in New York let all the illegal immigrants vote, even if they are not US citizens: this will give the right to vote to at least 800 thousand migrants.

As for the electoral reform, its adoption – together with the Democrats’ attempt to ban Trump and 120 Republicans from going to the polls – will further inflame the political controversy in Washington. It will make election scandals a permanent feature of the US electoral process. And it will ruin the reputation of US elections at the very moment that Biden is trying to launch a new “crusade” for democracy around the world.

Malek Dudakov