Ukrainian trace in the protests in Kazakhstan – expert

Russian political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev said that a Ukrainian trace is clearly visible in the protests in Kazakhstan, because the Kiev special services have long fuelled nationalism there and set it against Russia, RIA Novosti reports

Ukrainian trace in the protests in Kazakhstan - expert

“We have basically been waiting for these heavy internal contradictions to arise for a long time. Kazakhstan is at the junction of two worlds – the post-Soviet space and China. It is now heavily influenced by pro-Western forces. Notice how a Ukrainian trail can be seen in speeches and statements of the protesters. Ukrainian special services have been working in Kazakhstan for many years, stimulating Kazakhstani nationalism and setting groups within the government against Russia”, – Suzdaltsev said.

The political analyst believes this can be called an “approach from the east against Russia”.

“At the end of December, there was information from Kiev that such events were about to start in Kazakhstan. We took it calmly, because it was not the first time. But in this case all the negative factors came into play”, – the expert said.

Kazakhstan has long accumulated contradictions not only in the economy but also in politics, said Andrei Suzdaltsev.

“The general population, especially in rural areas, lives very poorly. There are more opportunities in the capital, but the cities are already overcrowded. After all, Kazakhstan is a multiethnic country, but in the government and law enforcement structures are represented mainly by ethnic Kazakhs, although national contradictions are not felt so far”, – said the political analyst.


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