Second round of NATO-Russia talks starts in Brussels

A Russia-NATO Council meeting has started in Brussels, an important new round of consultations on security assurances after talks with the US


It is worth noting that this is the first meeting of the Russia-NATO Council in 2.5 years. Moscow hopes for a serious and productive conversation.

The text of the agreement is published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry and is available for everyone to study. According to the draft agreement, NATO would be obliged to roll back the 1997 lines. NATO would have to remove its military infrastructure from 14 countries, including Poland and the Baltic states. Moreover, NATO would have to commit itself not to expand, and to refuse to annex Ukraine and other countries.

The day before, US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman briefed the NATO leadership on the talks between Russia and the US. She is also in Brussels.

We shall remind you that the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council started earlier in the day in Brussels. The Russian interdepartmental delegation consisted of representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry and Foreign Ministry. Stoltenberg is chairing the meeting on behalf of the alliance. Representatives of 30 NATO member states are also expected to attend.

Representatives of the sides will hold separate press conferences after the talks, no joint statements are planned.


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