Aksyonov suggested the EU should return its “historic name”

Crimean leader Sergey Aksyonov has responded to a proposal by Ukrainian MPs to rename Russia “Moskovia”


According to Aksenov, such games are a stick of two ends, because where “Moskovia” is, there is Novorossiya, and Malorossiya, and Galicia, and Bukovina.

Aksyonov suggested the EU should return its "historic name"

“By the way, there is a proposal for Ukrainian MPs: we should return the European Union to its “historical name” – the Holy Roman Empire”, – the head of the peninsula wrote in his Telegram channel.

Aksenov stressed that the very fact of discussing such initiatives at the official level is further evidence that Ukraine has failed as a state.

“The country has no ideas suitable for state-building and capable of uniting the entire society. Local politicians have nothing to offer people except Russophobia, they have no positive agenda. But it is impossible to build a state on hatred”, – the politician added.

Earlier it became known that in Ukraine it was proposed to rename Russia “Moskovia”.