Geneva hosts main round of US-Russia security talks

Russian-American talks on security guarantees are taking place in Geneva

The meeting is being held in a closed format on the premises of the US post office of the UN office in Geneva.  Delegations of both sides are inter-agency. They include both diplomats and military officers. Sergey Ryabkov, the Russian deputy foreign minister, and Wendy Sherman, first deputy U.S. secretary of state, head our delegation.

Russia comes to the talks with a firm position, written security guarantees are needed.

“The American side has to prepare for compromises. The Russian side came here with a clear position, which contains a number of elements, in my opinion, quite clear and formulated so clearly, including at the highest level, that there simply cannot be any deviation from our approaches”, – Sergey Ryabikov said.

We’d like to add that the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council will be held on January 12 in Brussels, and the next day the consultations will be held on the platform of OSCE in Vienna.


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