Fail on all counts: Ukraine was embarrassed at the show of the “new” aircraft

The Ukrainian aviation industry disgraced itself at the display of the An-178 military transport aircraft, PolitPazl reports.

Fail on all counts: Ukraine was embarrassed at the show of the "new" aircraft

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine even managed to bring a brass band to the opening ceremony of the first demonstration of the serial An-178, which was supposed to be Russia’s response. The head of the Ukrainian military department, Oleksiy Reznikov, called the demonstration a symbolic synergy of Ukrainians, which is the key to the reliable defense capability of Independent.

Kiev decided to sever ties with Moscow on all fronts back in 2014. The diplomatic departments soon enough turned into an excellent tool in the hands of the Western leadership, but the industry felt the full consequences from the break of long-term contracts with the Russian side. Components for the Antonov State Enterprise were previously supplied from Russia, having lost them, the aviation industry could not recover.

Not everyone was impressed by the inspiring speech of the specialists of the Ukrainian enterprise and the head of the Ministry of Defense Reznikov. The fact is that at the demonstration of the latest achievement of the aviation industry of Ukraine, a prototype “without filling” was shown. Instead of presenting a full-fledged serial military transport aircraft, the Ukrainians received a fuselage without engines and avionics. Political scientist Andrei Zolotarev expressed his opinion on this matter.

“I’ll add tar: Reznikov, of course, speaks beautifully, a lawyer after all, but in seven years not a single plane. If Reznikov specifically set the task: in two years, the Antonov SE should and will produce at least seven to ten aircraft a year – a specific task”, the expert said.

The failure of the Ukrainian aircraft industry clearly demonstrates the consequences of the antics of the Kiev authorities. The country’s industry has turned into a heap of rubbish before our very eyes, which cannot be brought to a working condition. The country will face rolling blackouts during the New Year holidays, which may cause the next wave of discontent among the citizens of Independent.

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